Features of Sleep Number Mattress

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I just purchased a new mattress, It’s awesome and I thought I’d tell you guys a little bit about it! 🙂 Oh by the way, here’s the mattress I bought view link.

The Sleep Number Mattress is a very special mattress for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons will be revealed here for all to get to know better. Because, to be honest, this mattress isn’t just your ordinary everyday mattress. It is a unique mattress with awesome features that are all its own. Simple as that. Please read on to learn more. You will be very glad that you did. The Sleep Number Mattress is Number One. Why is it Number One is self explanatory. The highlights given here will reveal why it is.

Some of The Best Features of The Sleep Number Mattress Are?

The Sleep Number Mattress will indeed give people who sleep on it. The best sleep sessions of their lives. Why is that? It is because the Sleep Number Mattress is a very one of a kind mattress with total comfort in mind. It has some outstanding features that separate it from all the other mattresses on the market. Some of these features are:

*It is clearly, and clinically shown (proven), to relieve any form of back pain and does improve sleep quality.

*This mattress has the amazing ability to be able to personally contour itself to you. What does this mean? It means that is will mold itself to the individual shape of your body to give better alignment for the spine. There will be no more nights of just tossing and turning constantly.

*It offers personal adjustment on two sides of the mattress, for two different people, who are couples and do have their own idea of what mattress firmness is all about to them.

*This mattress comes highly recommended from those who own mattresses. The percentage of recommendation for the Sleep Number is a whopping 92%.

*It comes with a 25 year limited warranty. It is guaranteed to provide users with many years of comfortable and peaceful sleep.

*It is a high quality mattress that is designed with long-lasting and durability in mind. It costs the same about the sum of a traditional innerspring does cost in price tag. However, it will last twice as long, and that is just another great perk of it as a spot-on mattress choice.

The features of the Sleep Number Mattress are excellent and do speak for themselves. This mattress rocks!

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How to become a fashion designer – Fashion Sketching

So, as I previously have mentioned I’ve been working as a leading designer for a lot of different companies. Including H&M,  Marc O’Polo among others. With that said, I know a bit of how the business work. And if you want to become a designer for a fashion company, then you just have to learn how Sketch like a Fashion Designer. My belief is that everyone and anyone  can learn how to do It. Here are my Fashion Sketching School:

Just Start

The first and most important thing when you want to learn a new skill, is to just Start! Yes, it can and will be hard and frustrating at first. But hey, if it was easy than everyone would do it right?! Do not be so hard on yourself. Give yourself time and practice a lot. If it gets overwhelming, take a break and a nap. It always works 😉

Learn the Basics

This might be my most important advice I can give you. If you become really good with the basics, well then your imagination is the limit of how far you can go! So take your time, do not “stress out” that your friends or colleagues might be working on more advance stuff. Take your time with the basics, it will pay off, trust me 😉

Here is  a Video that i found very interesting, take a look!

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My Absolute Favourite Design Fashion TV Serie!

I just had to make a blog post about this truly Amazing, Inspiring and Interesting TV Fashion series. The whole idea of the show is to give you an insight “behind the scenes” view of how the fashion industry is like. If you ever have wondered, or if you might even have been thinking about becoming a fashion designer yourself. I highly recommend that you watch this series closely.

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Make Sure Your Sewing Machine Works for You as a Designer

Whether you are buying your very first sewing machine or replacing an old one, it is important to put the time and energy into researching and choosing the right model. Sewing machines can be expensive so buyer’s remorse can come with a high price tag. The most important step is to determine what you will be doing with the machine on sewing website. For simple projects, a simple machine with limited features will do. But if you intend to complete more complex items, you may need more features. Here are some things to consider.

Stitch Types

sewing machine4Chances are for most jobs you will only need one or two stitches (straight and zig zag) which come on almost all machines. However, if you are going to do any specialty sewing, you will need to consider what other stitches you may need and make certain they are available on your brother dz2400 machine.

Stitch Length

The ability to make the stitches longer and wider is one feature you may actually end up using more than you think. Almost all machines have the ability to change this feature but those on the very low end may not so make certain.


This is really where the intended use of the machine is very important. There are specialty presser feet designed for many uses, such as quilting and clothing making. Make certain your machine comes with, or has available for purchase, the attachments you will need.


Will you be doing big jobs like heavy drapery fabric, or something smaller like pillows and hemming? For large jobs you will want to make certain the motor is powerful enough to handle the load. For smaller jobs this is usually not a problem. Also, consider whether plastic or metal parts will be better. Plastic will be lighter and possibly cheaper, but will wear out faster and may not be able to handle all jobs.

Computerized or Mechanical

Many of the newer machines look like mini-computers and come with touchscreens were you can program stitch sequences and other options. These machines are generally more expensive so ask yourself if it is something you really need.

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All about an Automobile Warranty for Design Cars

New automobiles are often sold with a warranty. Some used modeled vehicle are also sold with a warranty as well. A warranty is a form of protection that is offered by a dealer that covers certain automotive problems when they arise. If a vehicle is need of some type of repair after it is first sold, a warranty could be used to cover the cost. Most warranties specify coverage based off a period of time or how many miles that a person drives. A typical warranty states that a person will receive coverage for 36,000 or for a three-year time period. Some companies offer extended coverage for people who plan on doing a lot of driving with their vehicle. Extended coverage plans typically last for about seven-years and covers 70,000 miles. An auto buyer will have to figure out which plan is best suited for their needs. This website here can help you decide.

What does a Warranty Cover?

Most warranties cover minor and some major repair problems. A warranty is also necessary for correcting defects and problems that were present in a vehicle when it was sold to a consumer. Software issues or faulty parts are covered as well. Most warranties are offered on vehicles in the form of bumper to bumper coverage which means that they are used to cover different parts of a vehicle from the front end to the back. Parts such as belts, tires, window wipers, hoses, fuses and oil filters are usually covered by a warranty. Accidents are not covered by warranty and neither is a vehicle covered when it has been mishandled or a motorist has failed to keep to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Types of Warranties

Basic warranties are used to cover some general automotive parts that often need replacing. Drive train warranties could be used to provide coverage to a vehicle’s engine, transmission and steering. Wear and tear warranties are used to cover things such as power doors, windows and seats. Motorists can also receive a rust protection in order to protect their vehicles from rust decay.

Be Mindful of Exclusions

An exclusion on an auto warranty are a set of repair problems and parts that a warranty will not cover. Some exclusions could include thermostats, radiator systems or a vehicle’s axle. Car warranty reviews can help consumers to understand exclusions and how they affect their warranty.

Warranty Providers

There are at least three different organizations that provide a car warranty for motorists. They include the manufacturer, the auto dealer and a third party coverage provider. Manufacturers typically have a national network in place that will allow motorists to repair their vehicle just about anywhere they are located. Dealers offer lower up front warranty costs that costs less money than manufacturers. Third party coverage is the least expensive and they also have give motorists a variety of choices for servicing their vehicle when it has to be repaired.

Good and bad Warranties

Here is some basic information about what makes a vehicle warranty good or bad. A good warranty will allow a motorists to transfer their warranty, to get a free loaner vehicle while theirs is being repaired and it will allow motorist to choose a dealership to get the work finished. A good auto warranty will also be provided b a company that is backed by the Better Business Bureau.

Signs of a bad warranty include paying out of pocket costs for some repair work, caps on repair costs, large number of exclusions, non-transferable warranty, too many exclusions and purchasing a warranty from a company with a bad track record. Consumers should view auto warranty reviews in order to determine which organization provides the best type of warranty coverage.